Malaysian Organic Agriculture Symposium 2019

    Malaysian Organic Agriculture Symposium 2019

    CETDEM is hosting Malaysian Organic Agriculture Symposium 2019!

    Our last 2012 installment had fast forwarded Organic Agriculture in Malaysia proven by the increase of organic farming by local farmers and producers. However long since, the reception have been slowing down. We feel the need to host this year’s Malaysian Organic Agriculture Symposium 2019 to layout the trajectory of Organic Agriculture for the Future of Malaysia’s agricultural industry. It is why we believe that this year’s OA Symposium is needed to make stakeholders reflect and come up with affirmative/effective actions together in expediting the development of Organic Agriculture. This can be an instrumental agenda in the National Food Security Policy.

    Currently organic agriculture in the country seems to be at the crossroads. To have an impact, it needs to go into main stream agriculture food production. This is a big challenge faced by the industry players as it has to be sustainable, ensuring availability of organic food with acceptable quality at affordable prices; at the same time, providing sustainable livelihood to farmers and producers.

    Consumers and retailers still question the authenticity of the organic labeling of produce and products. Hence the pertinent issue of how to reinforce the trust and increase public confidence in the myOrganic Certification as well as making the market more transparent and accountable.

    At the symposium, participants will get the opportunity to engage with different stakeholders in the Organic Agriculture fora to discuss issues and problems faced in the industry. From certification, research and development, marketing, technology, government incentives to funding opportunities. Expect to get your answers from our symposium.

    Government & private sector, policy makers, producers/ farmers, investors, academics, researchers, NGOs and those related to and/or concerned with the current & future direction of Organic Agriculture in Malaysia are highly encouraged to register and join us!


    Link to OA Symposium 2019 online registration form:

    For more information and details, please contact Ms Tan Siew Luang at 0162195826 /


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